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What to expect when working a bingo

Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for keeping our monthly bingos going as without our bingos, registration costs would be higher.   We appreciate everyone of you.

LOCATION:  Red Deer Bingo Center 4946 53rd. Ave. Red Deer, AB

TIMES:        Evening bingos start at 4:30 PM (usually ends between 9 and 10 PM)

                    Afternoon bingos start at 10:30 AM (usually ends between 3 and 4 PM)



  • Please be on time as the bingo hall will give you direction to your job/duties of what you will be doing at the bingo and your assigned position.
  • You are expected to stay till the bingo is over.
  • Wear comfy footwear as you will be doing a lot of walking on concrete selling tickets.
  • If you need to cancel please give a minimum of 72 hours notice to the bingo Chair .  We have to have a certain amount of people there to work or we can potentially lose our monthly bingos.  Not showing up to work your scheduled shift or not giving adequate notice will result in your fundraising cheque being cashed.
  • Any extra bingos you work will give you 75 credits towards your bursaries. You are welcome to work extra bingos if there are spots available once we have given first priority to people who need to complete them.
  • If you cannot work it you can have a family member or friend work it as long as they are over 18 years of age.
  • Please have your bingos finished by the end of August as we have new registrants coming in for the new year and they are going to be placed first priority for working the bingos for the new year of skating starting. If you are not finished your required bingos on time we will be forced to cash your $300 cheque.

            PRESTAR & GroupSTAR is required to work 2 bingos per family per season, or 1 Bingo per session (fall or winter) 

            ** If your skater will be taking private lessons, additional ice will need to be purchased and you will be required to work (1) extra bingo


            STARSkate is required to work 3 bingos per season      

  • We require a post dated cheque from each parent of $300 per bingo and it will be returned once the bingo is worked.


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