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Do I register my child in Pre-Canskate or Canskate?


Skaters must be a minimum of 3 years of age

Pre-Canskate and CanSKate are on ice during the same ice time.  Skaters are grouped according to their skill level and may move groups as they master skills.  Pre-Canskate is only 30 Minutes at the end of each class.  This is to ensure that these little skaters leave the ice enjoying learning to skate, a 45 minute class can sometimes be too long for these beginners.

If your child can do these skills on ice, register them in CanSkate:

-Fall down & get up

-Move forwards

-Move Backwards

If it is your childs 1st time on skates or they cannot do the above skills on ice, please register them in Pre-CanSkate.  As skaters achieve these skills they will be moved into CanSkate.

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